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Our Garden Groom Review – Essential Gardening Tool

The Garden GroomThe Garden Groom is a trimming tool which makes a lot of claims about radically changing the way people go about trimming the overgrowth on their bushes and hedges. This 100% electric hedge trimmer boasts extremely sharp double edged stainless steel blades. These blades rotate at an impressive 960 times a minute, ensuring you get a clean and even cut each and every time. What’s more is while the Garden Groom’s blades are spinning away they are creating a vacuum vortex. This powerful sucking forces the fresh cut trimmings to fly up and land neatly in the Garden Groom container. By using the provided container your days of raking up the mess after trimming your bushes are no more. Your trimmings will automatically become mulch which you can easily pour out on to your planting areas.

I have been in the landscaping business for years. I read all of these claims made by the Garden Groom and was just too curious to not give it a try. I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings on the product in order to hopefully assist someone else who is thinking about buying the “greatest trimmer ever made.” My experience in home and garden industry gives me a unique perspective that I think will be appreciated by many. The following is my Garden Groom story, what caused me to buy it, what I thought about it and some frequently asked questions I get about using it; I hope you enjoy.My story

My story

When I was sixteen years old I was tasked like most teenage boys with keeping the lawn looking just as good, if not better than the Jones’. There was one Saturday afternoon that I was being the ever awesome son and was out mowing my parent’s lawn. While I was making my way up and down the front yard my next door neighbor came over and offered to pay me $30 to cut and trim his yard as well. I wasn’t getting anything from my parents (besides room and board) to cut their lawn, so thirty dollars sounded great! I agreed and told him I would be right over as soon as I finished here.

Looking back ten years ago, that was exactly how my landscaping business started. In that amount of time I’ve pushed a lawn more for miles and have easily trimmed thousands of bushes and hedges. I have several teams that go out and do the majority of the work now days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find me out there at least a few times a week still. It was that very same neighbor who also asked me to trim his hedges that ran along his property line. All my parents had in their garage were large hedge sheers. Never having had used them, I figured how hard can it be and shook his hand agreeing on twenty dollars additional for the hedges.

I found that mowing the lawn was quite easy and I finished rather quickly. I had been training for years on my father’s lawn, so it was really no wonder why I was excelling. It was then time to trim the bushes. I went and grabbed my parent’s hedge sheers and began cutting. I was cursing the heavens in no time. My arms were burning, there was a huge pile of clippings left on the ground and I was only half way finished! It took me three and a half hours to finally finish trimming the entire hedge. What’s more is it took me an entire hour more simply picking up the mess that was made from all the hedge clippings. My neighbor came out and inspected my work when I was done. He was pleased and asked if I’d like to cut his lawn every week and trim the bushes when it was needed.

I carried the clippers and wheeled the lawn mower home. I had an appointment to be back the same time next week and $60 dollars in my pocket, the tip was the clincher for my return. I spotted an opportunity here. I borrowed my Dad’s car and drove down to the Salvation Army where I was able to find a great looking electric hedge trimmer for $25. With that hedge trimmer and my Dad’s lawn mower, I ended up going out and convincing four more of my neighbors that they needed my landscaping services. Believe it or not, up until a year ago I still had and used that old trusty trimmer.

I was up late one night mindlessly watching television hoping whatever boring made for TV movie I was watching would aid in my sleeplessness. The movie finished and I was still awake when an infomercial came on. I had no idea where the remote was and didn’t want to get up and turn on the lights to find it, so I watched the infomercial. It was about the Garden Groom. I watched a guy and a lady go on and on about how wonderful bush trimming had become one they used the Garden Groom. I watched the entire infomercial and I would normally be ashamed to say it, but it was ending I was on my telephone placing an order. Happy now, I went upstairs and went to bed.

I woke up the next morning to my usual routine of a cup of coffee and checking the news and my email. I saw an order confirmation, oh no! I opened it up and my absent mind was quickly refreshed with the fact that in my late night stumbling I had succumbed to a late night TV sales pitch. Oh well, there wasn’t much I could do about it now. The order was made and my card had been charged. I was the new owner of a Garden Groom whether I wanted to be or not.

About a week later I finally received a package in the mail. I assumed that this was the Garden Groom, and I was right. It just so happened to be my day off so I had planned on inspecting and giving this boastful trimmer a try so I could see once and for all just how big of a mistake I had made when I bought it. After I had opened up the box and unpacking everything that was in there, here is what I had sitting on my kitchen table:

  • Garden Groom electric hedge trimmer
  • Instruction manual
  • Garden Groom “Mega Bag”
  • Garden Makeover Kit

The Mega Bag is a much larger back attachment that replaces the small container that is typically used with the Garden Groom. They claim the bag can hold 500 square feet of clippings. Though I’ve never actually measured it, I can attest to the fact that it can hold a lot of trimmings. I typically don’t need to empty it before I am finished with trimming the bushes at home. The Makeover Kit consisted of a couple of weeding and tilling tools. They were a nice addition, but probably wouldn’t be used very often by me.

I was eager to actually try this thing out. Sure it looked pretty, but could it actually perform well enough to even have me considering using it personally or commercially. As luck would have it, the bushes in my front yard were beginning to look a bit unruly. I grabbed the Garden Groom, an extension cord and headed outside. I do try to stay conscious of my environmental footprint so I can definitely appreciate any electronic yard working device that can hold its own.

After glancing at the instructions I plugged it in and turned it on. I was beginning on a Holly bush. I began running the Garden Groom over the top of the bush. I wasn’t putting too much effort in to the back and forth movements I was making, but the Garden Groom was doing a seemingly great job. The cuts it was making were very clean and level. I continued on and finished shaping the Holly bush, now this is when I began feeling quite happy about actually making the sleepy decision to buy this guy. Having trimmed this exact bush many times I could accurately judge that it hadn’t taken me noticeably longer to trim it with the Garden Groom than it did using my trusty old hedge trimmer. To top it off I made my way around the bush looking for loose trimmings that I had to pick up. I was quite impressed to find that there weren’t any trimmings that had fallen on the ground. If you’ve ever worked with a Holly bush you know that they have some sharp and pokey parts to it that can be a huge pain to pick up.

I was saved from having to do any clean up. The vacuum suction that goes on behind the blades was actually strong enough to prevent any trimmings from flying out. I was not using the Mega Bag this time, just trying out the standard container. I opened it up to see how well the greenery was mulched. Surprisingly when I looked in I saw it was nice and finely chopped. I was happy to see this, so I sprinkled the trimmings around the base of the bush as mulch.

It has been about a year since I had first tried out the Garden Groom. To really show the testament I have about this product, I’ve proven it by now have a Garden Groom for each of my landscaping teams. They all take it out and will typically not even touch the old trimmers I have equipped them with if they can help it. The time savings is quite high when they don’t have to break out the rakes and bag all of the clippings after someone already spent all that time actually shaping and trimming the bush. If they are using the Mega Bag attachment they generally won’t have to empty the bag before they are finished with that home.

All and all I’m definitely happy I was up late in a zombie state and bought the Garden Groom. It’s saved me a lot of hassle and time when using it on my own home shrubs and bushes. It’s saved me even more time and money to boot having bought six more and outfitted each of my landscaping crew trailers with one. I have also now started advertising mulch spreading and with the Garden Groom’s automatic mulching abilities we aren’t doing anything extra and our clients love getting a healthier garden. In all actuality we are doing even less than we would if we were using a traditional trimmer. If we were doing that we would have to rake up all of the clippings and then mulch all of that up. We’re saving ourselves two steps and making our customers happier, a win, win for everyone.

How you use it


The Garden Groom is extremely easy and safe to use. After plugging it in to an outlet, be sure you’re holding both of the handles. If you do not have a hold of both the front and back handles the safety mechanism will not allow the trimmer to be started. It’s also advised to always wear protective gloves and eye ware. With the Garden Groom running sit the nine inch cutting surface down on the bush you’re working on. The double edged stainless steel blades will begin cutting and mulching the growth that finds its way through the steel safety guides. Once the greenery has been chopped and mulched the Garden Groom has a vacuum vortex that spins just behind the blades. This will begin sucking the clippings up and in to the container or attached Mega Bag.

When it comes to shaping your bushes and shrubs, the Garden Groom is quite forgiving in your technique, something I also like. This saves me some valuable time when crew newbies are being trained. In order to get a nice flat and level cut, try to keep the mouth level and work the machine back and forth over the top of the bush. Depending on the look you’re going for in this particular bush creating a flat or rounded bush face should be equally easy. Use smooth back and forth motions moving with the direction of growth and it shouldn’t be hard or take too much time at all to get the look you’re hoping for.

After you have finished shaping your bush, you should have collected a fair amount of clippings in the container ready to be dumped. Your plants and flowers will love you for this. Mulching is one of the most important things you can do for the plants and shrubs in your garden. Spread the clippings in your garden amongst your flower beds. This will help suppress weeds and help with water retention amongst all of the plants in your garden.

How it works

The Garden Groom was is the brainchild of Graham John Wilson, an engineer who was tired of having to pick up all of his hedge clippings after he had spent so much time already trimming. He went to work designing the product and securing eleven global patents. Twenty years later, he released the Garden Groom. It works by spinning an extremely sharp double edged blade at just under 1,000 revolutions per minute. This quickly trims shrub overgrowth and additionally finally chops it up in to mulch. Rather than simply spitting this mulch back out all over the bush and ground for you to clean up later, the spinning interior blade creates a vortex vacuum that sucks up all of the trimmings so they can come to rest in the clippings container.


Q. Will the blade last?
A. The blades that the Garden Groom is equipped with are double sided stainless steel. They are designed and manufactured specifically to take the abuses of trimming. The Garden Groom uses rotary blades which puts much less responsibility on the sharpness of the blades, but more rather on the speed of the cut. This means that the blades should never need sharpening. They do come with a lifetime warranty so should they ever become damaged, you can easily get a new set sent out to you.

Q. How big is the cutting area?
A. the Garden Groom has a cutting diameter of nine inches. This is a good sized cutting area and with the blades spinning at 960 revolutions a minute you should be able to cover a lot of area in quite a short period of time. Of course the condition of the bush and how overgrown it is will have a large impact on the overall speed you will be able to move. It’s important to keep in mind that even though you might be able to trim a very overgrown push slightly faster with a traditional hedge trimmer, you won’t need to rack up the clippings, bag them and haul the bag to the trash.

Q. How much does the Garden Groom weigh?
A. the Garden Groom was designed to be light and nimble, allowing you to easily carry and maneuver the trimmer over a bush. The Garden Groom holds a technical weight of six pounds. The Garden Groom Pro version is slightly heavier at 7.7 pounds.

Q. How much can the container hold?
A. The onboard container I have found will generally get me through one or two medium sized bushes before having to empty it out. The technical specs claim that the Garden Groom has a five liter, one gallon capacity. The Garden Groom Pro has a six liter, one point three gallon capacity.

Q. What type of bushes can I trim?
A. With the Garden Groom you can trim really any time of bush. It is recommended however, that you only use the Garden Groom to trim bushes with growth that is a fourth of an inch around or smaller. If you are using the Garden Groom Pro, limit the size of growth to an eighth of an inch in size or smaller. Attempting to trim anything large could result in burning out the motor. The most common types of bushes the Garden Groom is used to trim are:

  • Ash
  • Holly
  • Hawthorn
  • Beech
  • Yew
  • Leylandi
  • Privet

Q. How big is the motor?
A. The Garden Groom has a 300W motor and the Garden Groom Pro packs a more powerful 500W motor.

Q. What kind of warranty does the Garden Groom have?
A. the Garden Groom boasts an awesome 60 day full money back guarantee. If you do purchase the trimmer and are not satisfied with it for any reason you can simply return it for a full money refund.


The Garden Groom at first take may look like another attempt to improve upon an area that quite frankly might not need much improving, at least that was my take on it when I woke up the next day after purchasing it half asleep. Though, as a professional landscaper and managing a six team crew I’ve seen many products make substantial promises getting users excited only to fall down when it comes to following through with the claims that were made. This has not been my experience with the Garden Groom at all. I now own one for personal gardening use and I also have one for each of the teams working for my landscaping business.

I’m saving a considerable amount of time using the Garden Groom by not having to clean up after trimming a bush. On the business side the time savings directly translates in to money savings which I am always happy to have. If you take pride in your garden and enjoy having a beautifully manicured lawn with equally impressive looking shrubbery, you’ve really got to try out the Garden Groom. It will save you a lot of time and more importantly save your back from having to bend over and continually pick up the bush clippings. It’s time to make the purchase so you don’t have to worry about that anymore and trimming your bushes can become fun!

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