About Us

Thanks for stopping by our About page. We are Bard Scove, and we run the website here: https://www.bardscove.com/


We, like many of you out there, were also searching for the best tips and guides on the web, and what we found was thousands and heaps advice of alternative. The truth is, it was so much advice, that we felt a bit bewildered. We wanted something where we could compare specifications, ratings, costs, utility and more in an easy to read and use format.

While there are a lot of lists or videos from folks sharing their views of what the finest products on the market are but to what these looks to be MERELY views. Unsatisfied with the lack of such comparison guides for many products, we decided to create my own.

After spending variety of tiring hours of exhaustive and research analysis, We’ve put together what I call the greatest products on the market reviews and guides. It’s a complete interactive chart which allows you to view the info you want to see on top rated products from popular and well-known brands. And we feel like we’ve provided a priceless resource predicated on the accessible information that is out on the net.

Our objective with this site will be to give you the information you need in an easy to digest format which you can make the greatest choice of purchasing great products for you based on what subjects to and suitable for you. Yes, we’ll be providing input and our frank opinions along the way.

As we do more research, we’ll be supplying in-depth reviews and more comparative analysis.