Have you considered incorporating a sauna to your basement

Saunas are absolutely wonderful – completely relaxing and beneficial for your mental and physical health. An electric sauna heats up quickly and is perfect for inside the home. Here are a few items to consider when you’re thinking of adding a sauna space to your basement.

First Consideration: Location

The location of the sauna will be partially dictated by where plumbing and electric currently are in the basement. You’ll save costs by converting a basement bathroom into a sauna and changing room, and you do not have to remove the toilet and sink if you have some space to work with. A shower is an excellent idea – either right inside the hot room or right next door to it. You’ll use this bathroom when the sauna isn’t on duty, so make sure it’s comfortable and inviting.

a basement sauna

Your hot room must have a good floor drain, and a wood floor can be installed over concrete as long as the underlayment is completely waterproof and all water is carefully directed to the drain. If your basement floor already has a drain, ask your contractor about incorporating it into the sauna plumbing. If possible, locate the sauna near an exterior door so you and your family can cool off in the privacy of your backyard. For the very brave, a good roll in the snow is a must after a sauna, so keep the area clean of clutter.

Hot Room and Changing Room Sizes

The hot room should have a volume …

09 Jun 2016